Staff Recruitment

06/03/2023 15:40:02

Tuong Nam Co. Ltd

Tuong Nam the company was founded by a team of Leader is responsible years of operational experience in the field of building mechanical and electrical works, water and electricity for industrial parks, factories, enterprises, high-rise buildings, commercial centers, hotels… To development needs, we need to recruit staff for the following positions:

1. Title:

Business staff: 2 people

2. Requirements:

Intermediate or higher graduation

3. Benefits:

– Given worthy salary working capacity.

– Working in a dynamic environment, many opportunities for promotion and career development.

– Welfare regime, fully insured.

4. All applications include:

– CV (Typing)

– Application (Typing).

– Health certificate.

– A copy of the study results, the relevant qualifications (No need to be notarized).

5. Place charge:

Profile emailed:

6. Time charge: